Solar Power System Installation

Solar Power System Installation

Solar panels generate electricity from the sun so that means it's free! When the sunlight hits the panel it knock electrons free from the atoms which in turn generate electricity ! 

The inverters job is to convert DC power to AC. AC is what you use in your home. To run lights, fans, pool pumps and most important the air condition.  One advantage of living in the Northern Terrritory is that we have mostly sunny days which is great for solar even in our overcast days the suns rays will still hit the panels and generate power. 


Eco Sparks Solar & Electrical Contractors use solar panel brands that are all tier 1 solar panels which means they are the best money can buy all come backed with a 25 Linear warranty and 10 year manufactures warranty. (unless you request we use LG which comes with a 25 year manufacturer warranty) 


All the solar energy and solar power materials Eco Sparks Solar & Electrical Contractors use are all cyclone coded and have past many vigorous tests to be allowed to be used in the Northern Territory. e.g cyclone, heat , wind, rain. 


Solar Power System sizes.

6.6 kW is the maximum kilowatts your allowed to put on your roof on a single phase home ( most homes ) this will include a 1 x 5 kW inverter and 20 to 22 solar panels depending on the brand of panels on the roof.

If you live out rural or have a 3 phase meter box then you will be eligible for a 9kW solar system this will include a 1 x 7 kW inverter and 28 to 31 solar panels depending on brand.


Singe phase grant/ STC up to rebate $4500.00

3 phase grant/ STC rebate up to  $6500.00


Going off the grid?


Eco Sparks Solar & Electrical Contractors in Darwin are accredited to install batteries. Batteries are a great way to go completely go “off the grid” which means you won’t have to deal with the power company ever again. It's simple, let the batteries do all the work. 

How it works?

During the day the solar system will charge the batteries and the power you store will be used during the night!


With our fantastic zero dollar upfront interest plan you can be paying as little as $45.00 a week.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 .

Step 1 sign up 

Step 2 approval within 5 mins 

Step 3 start saving 

Show me the money!

Another great advantage for living in the Northern Territory is that we are the only state in Australia  with a 1 for 1 buy back rebate which means what ever you buy the power for you sell back to the electricity company for the exact same price! For example you buy for 0.25c and sell back for 0.25  its that easy. ( or we can use the term dollar for dollar) 


Our goal here at Eco Sparks Solar & Electrical Contractors in Darwin is to designed a solar system to reduce and possible eliminate your electricity bills. Let us show you how.

Want free solar ? 


Are you a first home buyer then you may be eligible for the first home owners renovation grant valued at $10,000. 

With the $10,000 renovation grant you can pay for the solar and have enough left over to use on electrical upgrades to your home.

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